Thursday, 9 December 2010

Where do you even start?

Well, I'm gonna just start here. My name's Sarah, and I am a muesli-raisin-veggiesoup-wholefoods -a -holic, Top 'a da mornin' tooo ya.
I've been reading, as they are so called 'healthy-living' blogs for quite some time now and they have provided me with the enthusiasm and inspiration to try to follow a carrer as either a Nutritional Therapist or Nutritional Journalist in the future. I'm at the ripe old age of 18 at the moment and as i see it, the world is my oyster.

In this blog, i would love to document my day to day goings on, including sharing the (unnecessary and frankly slightly freaky) pleasure i get from creating exciting meals. I am also an avid gym enthusiast (THIS IS STARTING TO FEEL LIKE A LONELY HEARTS PROFILE...) where I spin, lift, bop, dive, duck, jump, run, SPRRRRINT and fall on the floor (cheers, Fitness Ballet, that wasn't ambaressing AT ALL) to my heart's content.

I haven't got a camera to document my travels (which don't seem to be overly extensive these days, home > work > gym > (topshop, don't tell) > home > sadville :( ha) YET, but expect some pictures of not only food / exercise related crap, but also topics that realte to fashion and shopping. You see, before i discovered nutrition I was all set to go into Fashion Marketing or Fashion Journalism, this may still be a possibility as there have been issues with university and qualifications (we will see) but blah blah blah.....

I hope this blog will give me an outlet for any struggles i do go through and also a motivation to experiement more within my life, with recipes, activities, exercise. So on, so fourth.

I will share more about me when i'm not running around like a headless chicken trying to get ready for work (even if by YOU, i mean just... me. Me alone, reading my own blog. What did i say about sadville?)