Friday, 28 January 2011

Dear Father Christmas...

Y'know what? I'm actually pretty mad at Gill for introducing me to, with their EXTENSIVE range of lust worthy items , sorry lust-worthy MUY CARO items. Just kidding, I'm definitely not mad at her, how could you be?
But I want to spend money. Loadsa money. I don't know if you can see the total at the end of that order, buuuuutt.....
Anyway, i've resolved to NOT ORDER the cacao bliss artisana butter, and instead going to attempt to make it myself. AND NO-ONE IS GOING TO STOP ME. I think i got a bit cocky and CARRIED AWAY from my (minor) kitchen success in relation to the raw banana bread balls. Minus the bread. PLUS THE YUMMINESSS, OOOOWWW YEAH.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

1000 words

Well i havent counted, but i know FO SHO that this post has more than 1000 words... as there is SHOCK HORROR, pictures! HA.

Memory card reader, GET IN MY MOUTH, sorry no, that's you Mr. Fake-NAKD-Banana-Bread-Ball, GET IN MY LAPTOP!

About that banana ball thingy. Well it all started when i came across a nakd bar that i hadn't tried before, called banana bread, onn bite.. and i was in love. So this started happening...

Now... mathematics IS NOT MY STRONG POINT, but i reckon i 'cracked' the recipe (not really hard.. but for me.. well, i just felt incredibly PROUD...)

So I got friendly with my food processor and the end result was these...

Yeah ok, SUE ME, i edited the last picture but not the first two... i'm a terrible blogger.

I also wanted to show you (an also EDITED :O) picture of a typical couple of meals here in the Sarah Household... First up, a gorge beetroot, red pepper, protein sprinkle, tofu PLATE OF LUUURVE..
And then an almost NIGHLTY tofu stir-fry habit (ignore the fact there is daylight in this picture.. it was lunch)

And then, the crowning porridge-y glory (now you canne post a picture of porridge without telling you, dear readers, sorry, NO READERS, what goes in.. so here goes:

  1. 1/4 cup oats

  2. 2 egg whites

  3. cinnamononman

  4. 1/2 frozen banana, melty-McMeltison

  5. A cocoa/water 'sauce' (in a New York accent, of course) "Saaawwce"

Now i'm late for work.
See ya x

Monday, 24 January 2011

USA Blog-readers LISTEN UP


If there are ANY USA peeps out there that are reading this, at any stage (even if its 3 years after the ORIGINAL POST) that would want to do a blog blog swap with soem English goodies, gimme a holla, por favor (see i'm mixing it up...). The item in question, specifically that i would be after would be some powdered peanut butter.

Trader Joe's and PB2 come highly recommended i HEAR, with my little ear to the blog-ground....

Yeah, or if anyone has any US relatives? I'm just born and bred English, with a hint of Flemmish thrown in, for good measure.. of course. But i don't really know of any Belgium health food products i'm after, so that's a bit unhelpful x

Friday, 21 January 2011

London crazy-funness

Oh, How i'd love to move to the big bright city, with its lights and MASSIVE WHOLE FOODS. Now i'm just going to say, i was (very generously) handed a crisp £20 note before venturing into, what was the foodie equivalent, of heaven. I ended up coming out with my mother, with a bill that DID DEFINITELY NOT SAY £68.70. Yes that's a lie.

Oh my god. I also accidentally picked up a bit of seaweed, tasteless grilled aubeegines for £6!!! (damn you £1.50/kg salad bar!) Nice lunch today though, and tres quick too!

Ended up getting a lovely big American Apparel circle scarf in black, i already have the tie-dye one and am IN LOVE with the plain black one, its the biggest softest piece of jersey i've ever worn. Also scored the Ss American Apperican t-shirt. AAGIAN, am in love.

And.... this dress....

A bargainous £39.99 from ZARA.

Was a pricey day, but one of the funnest time i've had with da muddah and sistar in quite a while. There is some issues that are getting pretty hard to handle with my twin at the moment (yes, I HAVE A TWIN!) and i guess it was nice to take some time out.


YES, Yes that is indeed a word. And i love it, it's just FAB.

Freya over at Brit Chick Runs is hosting an incredibly generous giveaway of a box of heaven. no literally, it's heaven..... errr, in the form of raw nuts, fruit and flavours AU NATURAL. Mock me all you want, but the Nakd bars ARE pure heaven, they actually taste way better than any chocolate bar (especially my favourite flavour, cocoa orange, terrys chocolate orange? BITE ME!)

Anyway, it's only available to us privileged UK bloggers and readers so get entering.

Have an excellent day!!! xx

(FYI, on the camera lead front, i haver MADE HEADWAY... pictures of hot steamy porridge, beetroot curries (OMG to DIE FOR), new red ZARA dresses and TK Maxx baragianous margains are coming... to a screen near you.)

Monday, 17 January 2011

Wish list Number 2... Now I'm getting greedy

I just want 'em all! The rusty coloured tea dress was sitting contently in my shopping bag, £15 and perfect for a Monday pick-me-up-purchase (feeling hot on the Ps today, obviously..) and SHOCK HORROR, i went to look at it and it had sold out! Same with the TOPSHOP cable knit jumper. BOOOO. The Miss Selfrdge bag is a bit of a stretch at £45, but really that's only 2 £20 notes and the cost of lunch at M&S. (FYI, this is my most used reasoning strategy, its genius, no?)
Tonight i made a frankly genius beetroot / butternut squash curry. Shouldn'ta worked... but guess what? BOOOYA, IT DID. Another vegetarian dish that won over my family, if onlky for a short while before the leftover chilli came out..... Don't be under any false impressions, i'd already had that dish of gorgeousness for lunch.... ;)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Cocoa Loco

I think i have already had at LEAST 3tbsp of cocoa powder this morning. And... yes, it IS only 9.30am. But that's irrelevant. Yesterday, i made an idea i saw on this blog on how to make a healthy Reese's peanut butter cup. Of course, i didn't have any chocolate protein powder to hand and OF COURSE i had no peanut butter either (need to get ON that tonight, whole foods here i COME) So i just mixed cocoa powder with warm about 1 tbsp warm water and some cacoa nibs (a GREAT IDEA OF MINE!) then plonked on a tsp of hazulnut butter (gah, AMAZEMENT!) and then topped with the rest of the chocolate and bunged it in the freezer in some cling film.

Well, i forgot about it (yeah, must learn how to do that again, normally i can't WAIT for things to set / cook / cool before devouring - which, FYI, normally ends in some kind of burnt mouth, food poisoning, underpar baked good...) and.. well i remembered this morning but it was frozen solid.

So.... i put it in the microwave for a mere 10 seconds, but alas, twas ruined. But still amazing.


I'm having a bit of a dilemma at the moment, well not really a dilemma. I went to see a nutritionist the other month about some digestion issues and she has put me on a strict no sugar no artificial sweetener diet. THE ONLY issue i'm having with this, and i mean the only, is that i have to limit my protein powder, and be picky about which one i use. My usual Maxitone one (which i LOVE LOVE LOVE, in chocolate and banana) is too heavy on the sucralose, so i'm now using one with less from Holland and Barrett, a soya protein, not whey.

I miss the whey. I miss how good it is! Now, i'm not going to lie, my digestion has got better since limiting these artificial sweetener, but since i used to be an aspartame JUNKIE (sprite zero, sugar-free chewing gum, sweet 'n low were STAPLES in my diet... glad they're gone!) would introducing JUST the sucralose ridden Maxitone back into my diet, even just once a day be such a bad thing?

What a pointless spiel. Anyway, on the bright side, i have acquired (rather sneakily, i might add) my mum's camera so we may actually be able to get some GORGE pictures! woohoo! Just need the connector lead. Mission numero dos. Wish me luck, i'm goooooin' in.....