Friday, 21 January 2011

London crazy-funness

Oh, How i'd love to move to the big bright city, with its lights and MASSIVE WHOLE FOODS. Now i'm just going to say, i was (very generously) handed a crisp £20 note before venturing into, what was the foodie equivalent, of heaven. I ended up coming out with my mother, with a bill that DID DEFINITELY NOT SAY £68.70. Yes that's a lie.

Oh my god. I also accidentally picked up a bit of seaweed, tasteless grilled aubeegines for £6!!! (damn you £1.50/kg salad bar!) Nice lunch today though, and tres quick too!

Ended up getting a lovely big American Apparel circle scarf in black, i already have the tie-dye one and am IN LOVE with the plain black one, its the biggest softest piece of jersey i've ever worn. Also scored the Ss American Apperican t-shirt. AAGIAN, am in love.

And.... this dress....

A bargainous £39.99 from ZARA.

Was a pricey day, but one of the funnest time i've had with da muddah and sistar in quite a while. There is some issues that are getting pretty hard to handle with my twin at the moment (yes, I HAVE A TWIN!) and i guess it was nice to take some time out.

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