Friday, 21 January 2011


YES, Yes that is indeed a word. And i love it, it's just FAB.

Freya over at Brit Chick Runs is hosting an incredibly generous giveaway of a box of heaven. no literally, it's heaven..... errr, in the form of raw nuts, fruit and flavours AU NATURAL. Mock me all you want, but the Nakd bars ARE pure heaven, they actually taste way better than any chocolate bar (especially my favourite flavour, cocoa orange, terrys chocolate orange? BITE ME!)

Anyway, it's only available to us privileged UK bloggers and readers so get entering.

Have an excellent day!!! xx

(FYI, on the camera lead front, i haver MADE HEADWAY... pictures of hot steamy porridge, beetroot curries (OMG to DIE FOR), new red ZARA dresses and TK Maxx baragianous margains are coming... to a screen near you.)

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