Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I've been bored this afternoon....

Speaking of... I've just been flipping through this month's ELLE and am SERIOUSLY craving summer. The thought of summer hasn't even flicked through my mind since last september, and i suddenly remember.. ah yes... the faint sight of sun... what's that? Skin?! What is this, skin? I can't see this mysterious stuff under the EIGHTEEN LAYERS OF UNIQLO HEAT-TECH FABRICS.... GOD.
Anyway, immediately i was on ASOS having a sartorial lust session. And would like to make a proposition....

ASOS Espadrilles £10.00 (TOMs preferred.... uk 6)

ASOS Bardot crop top £8.00

ASOS Harley sandals £80.00

Zoe & Morgan YES Ring £83.70 (LOVE)

Black and White Midi skirt £28.00 (err hello, Carrie in Paris Part Une!)
red flippy skirt £30.00

Tailored Rusty Shorts £30.00

Anyone, honestly anyone, don't fight now.... can buy these items for me. Honestly, i know, I KNOW! I'm too kind. Cheers.


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