Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Eating Like A Horse (what a great name! No?)

Over in another blogsphere, there are exciting goings on. Now this is another blogsphere, not here. Here there is just tumbleweed. And drips of porridge on all my pyjamas. And cocoa powder in my gums. NICE. Anyway, THERE IS A GIVEAWAY, at Eating Like A Horse. A fellow brit. How spiffing! (Screw it, we should just live up to the stereotype, right?)


You can comment on the post at win yourself a nice lookin Wheat anf Gluten free cookbook
(but don't because i want it!) JOKES. not.

The pancake looks delicious, and just the thing to break me out of my porridge / protein smoothie rut. Owwwww, but its such a tasty rut....

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