Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I did a little blog leap when nominated for this award thang that was going around the blog world. Gill over at Snax and the City mentioned a Sarah when nominating for the Stylish Blogger Award and i just NATURALLY assumed she meant another Sarah, i mean its a prettyy common name after all. But not that common that I don't still NATURALLY click on someone with the same name as me. (who DOESN'T do that... whatever.. anyway...)

Well, LOOOONG story short, it was me! Bless her! Give her blog a read, especially if you're in England...
Well i better comply with the rules. Apparently, i have to share SEVEN things about myself... hmmm. Here goes...
  1. I have bright red hair. I mean, like really, really bright. It's actually made me more bashful than i was when i had my brown normal hair. Scary stuff. This red.
  2. I do believe my favourite places are TK MAXX AND WHOLE FOODS. AND TOPSHOP. Oh God topshop.
  3. I go through phases when it comes to breakfast, but always come back to porridge.
  4. I am hoping to study Fashion Marketing at uni in London this september. I am so incredibly excited by fashion, but hope to fuse my interest in clothes and fashion with the knowledge that i have on nutrition and wellbeing in my career.
  5. I am so happy that i enjoy exercise.
  6. I have a twin. NO WE'RE not identical and SO SO SO SO different. We tend to be identical.. just at different times. It's like i'm 6 months ahead of her sometimes.
  7. I was HANDS DOWN OBSESSED with Noel Fielding at one point. As in, i would plan, (and go on) trips to Camden in london just on the chance that i would run into him. And we would fall in love. Yeah, we had a thing. Ya know, he just wasn't ready to commit... so, i obviosuly had to leave him behind..... obviously.

Right so i am goign to give this award to follwoing bloggers, some of whom have inspired me int he past when i have felt absolutely lost, ABSOLUTELY LOST and broken. Some of these women have provided me with some STAPLE recipes in my diet, and some are just HILARIOUS, here goes.... (like Gill, some of these aren's 'new' as such, but they're just the blogs that i clock in on regulraly and look forward to new posts, some arent ALL healthfood / exercise relatd though...)

  • Lynn (a genuine and honest actress, and a talented one to boot)
  • Eating like a horse (Honestly, her posts make me LOL)
  • Freya (lovely fellow brit with a relatable (is that a word?!) take on life!)
  • MuesliLover (great inspiration)
  • Angela (hands down gorgeous and inspirational, LOVE HER)
  • Alex (given me SO MANY IDEAS FOR RECIPES, cannot thank her enough, and shes gorgeous!)
  • Gluten Free Gidget (same as above, and again, she is so pretty!)
  • Ashley (fashion blog)
  • Emily (Cupcakes and Cashmere - excellent for foodie fashionistas)
Thankyou to all these bloggers for such great ideas and stories. I ahve learnt so much from you all.; Thankyou again to Gill for the original nomination, she gets my vote again!!!


  1. i need to improve my grammar. and spelling. sorry :(

  2. Awww! Thanks for nominating me! You are too sweet :) 'm so glad you like my recipes, and you are completely gorgeous as well :) :) :)

    btw, Whole Foods is the best!!!

  3. Wow, thank you! What a lovely thing to say too and I think red hair's the way to go - I used to have mine red and loved it :-)