Thursday, 13 January 2011

Cocoa Loco

I think i have already had at LEAST 3tbsp of cocoa powder this morning. And... yes, it IS only 9.30am. But that's irrelevant. Yesterday, i made an idea i saw on this blog on how to make a healthy Reese's peanut butter cup. Of course, i didn't have any chocolate protein powder to hand and OF COURSE i had no peanut butter either (need to get ON that tonight, whole foods here i COME) So i just mixed cocoa powder with warm about 1 tbsp warm water and some cacoa nibs (a GREAT IDEA OF MINE!) then plonked on a tsp of hazulnut butter (gah, AMAZEMENT!) and then topped with the rest of the chocolate and bunged it in the freezer in some cling film.

Well, i forgot about it (yeah, must learn how to do that again, normally i can't WAIT for things to set / cook / cool before devouring - which, FYI, normally ends in some kind of burnt mouth, food poisoning, underpar baked good...) and.. well i remembered this morning but it was frozen solid.

So.... i put it in the microwave for a mere 10 seconds, but alas, twas ruined. But still amazing.


I'm having a bit of a dilemma at the moment, well not really a dilemma. I went to see a nutritionist the other month about some digestion issues and she has put me on a strict no sugar no artificial sweetener diet. THE ONLY issue i'm having with this, and i mean the only, is that i have to limit my protein powder, and be picky about which one i use. My usual Maxitone one (which i LOVE LOVE LOVE, in chocolate and banana) is too heavy on the sucralose, so i'm now using one with less from Holland and Barrett, a soya protein, not whey.

I miss the whey. I miss how good it is! Now, i'm not going to lie, my digestion has got better since limiting these artificial sweetener, but since i used to be an aspartame JUNKIE (sprite zero, sugar-free chewing gum, sweet 'n low were STAPLES in my diet... glad they're gone!) would introducing JUST the sucralose ridden Maxitone back into my diet, even just once a day be such a bad thing?

What a pointless spiel. Anyway, on the bright side, i have acquired (rather sneakily, i might add) my mum's camera so we may actually be able to get some GORGE pictures! woohoo! Just need the connector lead. Mission numero dos. Wish me luck, i'm goooooin' in.....


  1. my sis is a fitness instructure and swears by maxitone - i think it stinks x

  2. ahh really? I think the first time i tried the chocolate flavour (my first protein shake ever!) i thought 'what the hell have i spent £30 of my hard earned moneh on?! But i don't know why but i LOVE it now, it is just so lovely in smoothies with banana raspberry, spinach, ahhh i want one now!

    Have you found one that you like? Any recommendations? x