Wednesday, 5 January 2011


1. To use this blog a bit more often (1a) if i manage this, take pictures as well!)
2. To cut out every single last grain, drop and hidden piece of artificial sweetener in my diet
3. To avoid sugar and instead enjoy more nutritional food that will benefit my mind and body
4. To get stronger and fitter in general
5. To bulk up my meals a bit more so i don't need to snack so often
6. Quit my current job completely and get one with WAY more hours
7. Get into my 1st choice uni (Central Saint Martins :))) I can dream...)
8. To save for and take a life changing trip before i go to uni in september (I was thinking a climb of some kind?)
9. Now i just feel like i'm rambling.
10. Oh god i remember why i don't keep new years resolutions...
11. Because i get bored before i even finish the list.

Eh well, here's to trying.

At the end of the day, all i can ask for is to make the best decisions for my health, hapiness and future everyday and be content with what i have in my life. Happy New Year!

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