Monday, 17 January 2011

Wish list Number 2... Now I'm getting greedy

I just want 'em all! The rusty coloured tea dress was sitting contently in my shopping bag, £15 and perfect for a Monday pick-me-up-purchase (feeling hot on the Ps today, obviously..) and SHOCK HORROR, i went to look at it and it had sold out! Same with the TOPSHOP cable knit jumper. BOOOO. The Miss Selfrdge bag is a bit of a stretch at £45, but really that's only 2 £20 notes and the cost of lunch at M&S. (FYI, this is my most used reasoning strategy, its genius, no?)
Tonight i made a frankly genius beetroot / butternut squash curry. Shouldn'ta worked... but guess what? BOOOYA, IT DID. Another vegetarian dish that won over my family, if onlky for a short while before the leftover chilli came out..... Don't be under any false impressions, i'd already had that dish of gorgeousness for lunch.... ;)


  1. Love the top shop last sweater!

  2. I'm so angry it was sold out!! :(( I will HUNT DOWN WHOEVER STOLE MY BARGAIN JUMPER FROM ME... mark my words...

  3. that miss selfridge bag is well worth the price, do you know if its leather?

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