Wednesday, 5 January 2011

January cliche?

You know what i hate about this time of year? How you can turn the TV on and EVERY SINGLE advert is trying to sell you something to lose 4st in a week and diet plans that cost you the earth and just tell you stuff that you cold learn by using some common sense and advice.

Ridiculous. Anyway. My christmas was rather good! I was worried about it for a couple of reasons, last christmas was ruined a little because i just ended up eating and eating and eating, and it pretty much turned into a big binge and i know its TOTALLY normal to eat inconcievable levels on christmas, but last christmas it made it slightly unhappy. Not happy. :(
I was also a bit concerned as i'd gone to see a nutritionist in London for some digestion issues earlier in the month and she told me to avoid artificial sweetener, sugar and white, processed foods "even through christmas". I think i did ok up until christmas - new year, then i think that kinds went out the window. But you knwo what i'm alright, i'm ok, because i had A GOOD TIME BECAUSE of it, i didn't binge to the point of guilt and misery, i just drank, ate and was merry. And to be honest thats all of could have asked for.

Now? Well, NOW? I'm back on the wagon, and i actually couldn't wait, this christmas peroid has been SO DRAWN OUT, for me anyway. The classes at the gym were all crazy and went 4 times last week which was good and helped me get back in the grooove, but my regular ones only just got back to normal last night. Armed with my POLAR FT60 i'm IIINVINCIBLE!

I'm trying to figure out my body and what works well for me at the moment, breakfast before or after exercise? Protein or carby breakfast? Big breakfast, light dinner? And the most important, which is my favourite sunflower seed, almond, hazulnut or peanut butter?! Lots of taste testing needs to be done on this one... just to decide... ya know? YEAH? Ok then, thats agreed.

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